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October 3, 2023



Author Mona Hardy Shaemichelle Watson





The biography of Anishinaabe trans knowledge keeper, Mona Hardy, Lost Between The Cracks is the tale of resilience, determination, and the space between two cultures. Follow Mona from her childhood to the end of her life, from the remote forests of Northern Ontario to the big city and back, in this rich tale of adventure, love, advocacy, and more. Lost Between The Cracks is a true story, told thru Mona’s memories and stories. It will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you look for the people in your life who have been lost between the cracks, in between cultures, who just need a lucky break or a helping hand. Written with ShaeMichelle Watson, a Settler Canadian novelist and dear friend of Mona’s.


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Author Mona Hardy Shaemichelle Watson

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